Friday, February 19, 2010

Grandsons With Asthma

I have three grandchildren, two of them boys and both with asthma. I find that strange since no one else in our family has asthma, that I know of. And we have cats, several cats who live in the house. Both grandsons and their dad are allergic to our cats, and therein lies our dilemma. We love our cats and enjoy living with them but don't like the fact that our home is toxic to those we love. So we are looking into air purifiers, taking up the carpet in the only room in the house with carpet, and replacing a couch that has become our cats' favorite roosting place. And I must be more dilligent with my vacuuming and dusting. Housekeeping has never been very important to me and to say I'm a casual house cleaner is putting it nicely but I really must try harder to keep my house as free of dust and cat dander as possible.

Getting Started in 2010

I've decided I need another blog. My genealogy blogs at and are fine as far as they go but I have other interests than genealogy. There's quilting, for example. I love old quilts, love buying them, sleeping under them, photographing them, and imagining who designed and sewed them. And there's photography - not so much taking photographs but using them after they've been created to make calendars or collages. Mostly I love old family photographs. And there's gardening, grandchildren, reading, and so much more. So, here goes.