Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pie Cozy

About 25 years ago a good friend of mine, Carol West, gave me a pie cozy. Carol was a beautician at that time and each Christmas her ladies brought in gifts for their favorite hairdresser. From one of these sweet ladies Carol received a pretty little pie cozy and she gave it to me because I make pies and sometimes take them to parties. I had never seen a pie cozy and immediately loved it. I found another one months later at a thrift shop but it wasn't as pretty as the one Carol gave me. A couple years later my stepmom wrote to say that her sister-in-law was making crafts to sell and sent me a couple of those shelf-sitter wooden toys often found at craft sales. I responded by sending my stepmom my pie cozies on loan so that her sister-in-law could make patterns from them and create new cozies to sell with her other crafts. I sent a letter in the package asking for the cozies back when they were finished making patterns. Years went by. A couple of times I asked about the cozies but never got a response to my question so I decided to drop the subject rather than hurt someone's feelings. My stepmom died last year and when I visited her brother and sister a few months later they gave me the cozies, still in the box I mailed them in and with my letter requesting their return right on top. I was thrilled to get them back and am using them both in my kitchen again.

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