Sunday, May 19, 2019

Building the Dome - It's a Dome! - 4

About two years after we moved on to our property the dome structure was framed. It now looked like a dome. We were proud of the way it looked at this stage and often stood and admired it. These photos were taken by a friend and I'm thankful to him for taking them and sharing them with us.

The next phase would be sheeting the dome with 1x6 pine boards. That project took place in 1975. Bob enrolled at Colorado Aero Tech in Broomfield to study airframe and power plant mechanics. Five days a week he drove to and from Broomfield and worked on the dome evenings and weekends. He started there in February 1975 and graduated in June 1976 with his license. We packed a lot of living into those years. I was selling lumber for Everitts and Patrick was a 2nd grader at Wellington's Eyestone Elementary School.

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